Meet the Westfield Animal Hospital Staff

Cathrine Courtot – Hospital Manager

Anne Zacharda – Client Services

Anne joined the support staff of Westfield Animal Hospital in October 2017. Anne is responsible for answering phone calls, scheduling appointments and making sure our clients and their pets are comfortable while waiting to see a doctor our technician. Anne says she likes working at our hospital because she “really likes the atmosphere in the hospital. Each day is busy, but everyone works well together. Their drive and dedication to give the best care possible to each patient is evident every day.” At home, Anne lives with her two Australian Shepherds, Maverick and Pete, and she fosters cats for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. She enjoys being with her family in her free time and likes to draw, take photographs, and read.

Ashley Valencia – Client Services

Ashley joined the Westfield Animal Hospital’s Client Services team in September 2019. Ashley greets clients, admits patients to the hospital, refills medications, and schedules appointments. She speaks both Spanish and French and loves to meet new clients and their best friends.

Ashley likes working at Westfield Animal Hospital because she gets to learn so much about what goes on behind the scenes of caring for animals. She says, all the doctors here truly care and have the best interest in helping their clients and their pets.

At home Ashley lives with her 2 cats, Oliver and Lee, and her dog, Missy. When not working, Ashely enjoys journaling, sketching, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Natalie Mateo – Veterinary Assistant

Natalie Mateo joined the staff of Westfield Animal Hospital in November 2013. Her primary responsibilities at our hospital are to help with pre/post-operative care, assist during surgeries and dental procedures, and help discharge patients. Natalie says what she likes most about working at Westfield Animal Hospital is being part of a team that feels like a family. She loves the quality of care all staff members give each patient, and she loves that patients and clients feel like family, too.

Natalie is bilingual in Spanish and English and she is currently studying to be a certified veterinary technician. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys being with her children and all her animals. She enjoys hiking, bike riding, long walks in the park, reading books, going to baseball and soccer games, and spending time with her whole family.

Meghan Walch – Veterinary Technician

Meghan joined the medical staff at Westfield Animal Hospital in October 2017. She also works at Plainfield Animal Hospital once a week. Meghan has worked in the animal health field for 8 years. Her primary responsibilities are giving and applying meds to patients, assisting in surgeries, and making sure patients are happy and healthy. She likes working at Westfield Animal Hospital because of “the knowledgeable staff. Everyone is always willing to help teach and learn new things.” Meghan enjoys forming bonds with both pet parents and their “furbabies”. She tries to keep everyone happy and laughing in the hospital by bringing in snacks.

At home, Meghan and her husband have 2 dogs, Anna Molly and Smitty, and 3 cats, Bomber, Flynn, and Duke. They are also foster parents to many older animals who will live out their golden years with her family. When not working at the hospital, Meghan enjoys taking care of her daughter, volunteering at rescues when she can, caring for her own “fur-babies”, visiting breweries, and staying in historical places.

Tiago Henriques – Veterinary Technician

Tiago Henriques has been working in the animal health related field for 8 years. Previously, he worked as a kennel hand and hospital receptionist. At Westfield, Tiago’s main responsibilities are to assist during surgeries, help with animal treatments, perform x-rays and take blood samples. What Tiago enjoys most about his job is the opportunity to interact with exotic animals and to treat their issues.

When not at the hospital, Tiago takes care of a lot of unique animals including a pink toe tarantula, leopard geckos, and a whiptail scorpion. Tiago enjoys working out, working on his car, and traveling. He also enjoys pet training and building and creating décor for exotic enclosures.

Nicole Cieslinski – Veterinary Technician

Nicole joined the medical team of Westfield Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician in the summer of 2016. She has been working in the animal related field since she was 16 years old. She loves assisting patients who are sick and helping to make their vet experience less stressful.

Nicole is in the process of studying to be a veterinarian. She graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in molecular/microorganismal biology. The doctors at Westfield Animal Hospital are excited to help her continue her education and follow her passion for animals.

When not studying or working at the hospital, Nicole takes care of two cats- Luna and Leo and loves going to Sandy Hook beach with her two dogs, Bella a Black Lab Sheltie and Gracie a Boxer. She also loves readying a good book and relaxing outside with her cat.

Emily Broughton – Veterinary Assistant

Emily has been a veterinary technician at Westfield Animal Hospital since August 2016. As a veterinary technician, her responsibilities include assisting vets and senior technicians in the treatment area. Emily says her favorite part of the job is getting to interact and learn about all aspects of the animal-care field, as well as seeing the hospital’s medical boarding patients become healthy.

At home, Emily has three black and white tuxedo cats named Roscoe, Arlo and Bali as well as a rescue pup named Monkey.

Steve Ron – Veterinary Assistant

Steve joined the staff at Westfield Animal Hospital in November 2018. Steve’s primary responsibilities at the hospital are to walk, feed, and check-in on the animals that are boarding at the hospital. He helps to keep their cages clean and gives baths to dogs. Steve has been eagerly learning the ropes of how an animal hospital operates and is periodically called in to help techs with a patient. He says that’s the best part of the job!

At home Steve takes care of 3 dogs- a Chihuahua named Chiquito, a Shih Tzu named Simba, and a Mixed-Poodle named Blackie. He also has a Bearded Dragon named Athena. When Steve is not at the hospital, he likes to take his dogs for walks and to the park, works out at the gym, and plays soccer with his friends.

Sidney Ramirez – Veterinary Assistant

Sidney Ramirez joined the staff at Westfield Animal Hospital in April 2018. Sidney is a part-time employee who works at the hospital two days a week while she finishes her degree in Animal Science at Rutgers University. Sidney assists in the medical treatment room and helps care for boarders by dispensing medications and food.

Sidney likes working at Westfield Animal Hospital because she is exposed to the treatment and care of different types of animals- reptiles, birds, bunnies, and ferrets to name a few! She says her days are always filled with interesting new cases and her colleagues are all a lot of fun to work with.

During her free time, Sidney likes to play volleyball, mentor high school students, travel to different countries, and spend time with her friends. She has 3 parrots, Buster an African Grey, Baby a Yellow-headed Amazon, and Lola an Orange-winged Amazon.

Carrie Terhune – Veterinary Assistant

Carrie joined the Westfield Animal Hospital’s staff in December 2019. She has been working in the animal health related field for 17 years. Carrie’s primary responsibilities are to help doctors and technicians during treatments, take boarders and hospital inpatients for walks and assist in returning patients to their owners after receiving care. Carrie’s favorite part about working at Westfield is when she gets to return a pet to an owner. She says, their happiness is contagious!

At home Carrie takes care of 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 ferret, 2 mini-lop rabbits, 4 guinea pigs and 1 leopard gecko. When not working at the hospital Carrie loves to read and run, run, and run! She has run 2 marathons and hopes to do another. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and all her animals.