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Meet the Westfield Animal Hospital Staff

Kurt Roman – Hospital Manager

Hospital Manager Kurt Roman joined our staff in June of 2012. His responsibilities include patient care, inventory and hospital maintenance, and employee and customer relations. Kurt has a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Rutgers University.

Kurt has a five-year old cat, Summer, and a rescued Beagle mix, Dio. He relaxes away from the clinic by hiking and swimming.

Hana Schenker – Client Services

Hana Schenker joined the team at Westfield Animal Hospital in April of 2015, but she’s been employed in animal-related capacities for over three years. At our animal hospital, her job responsibilities include answering phones, making appointments, updating records, and greeting clients.

At home, she has a dog named Dakota and two cats named Jasper and Leon. In her free time, Hana enjoys baking, spending time with her family, hiking, and going for walks with her dog.

Ana Morelli – Client Services

Ana joined Westfield Animal Hospital in May 2016. As receptionist for the hospital, her duties include answering the phones, making appointments and providing professional customer service.

At home, Ana has a 4-year-old cat named Kittiberto who loves tummy rubs. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, biking and long walks on the beach. Ana also has an Associate degree in Chemistry from Union County College.

Cathrine Courtot – Client Services

Catherine joined the staff at Westfield Animal Hospital in June 2016, and has been in the animal-care field for eight years. As a receptionist, her daily responsibilities include answering phones and interacting with the clients and their pets.

At home, Catherine has a dog named Julius. She enjoys spending time and being active with her two children, as well as crocheting.

Anne Zacharda – Client Services

Anne joined the support staff of Westfield Animal Hospital in October 2017. Anne is responsible for answering phone calls, scheduling appointments and making sure our clients and their pets are comfortable while waiting to see a doctor our technician. Anne says she likes working at our hospital because she “really likes the atmosphere in the hospital. Each day is busy, but everyone works well together. Their drive and dedication to give the best care possible to each patient is evident every day.” At home, Anne lives with her two Australian Shepherds, Maverick and Pete, and she fosters cats for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. She enjoys being with her family in her free time and likes to draw, take photographs, and read.

Jessie Colon – Veterinary Technician

Learning new things and new techniques for pet care are two aspects of Jessy Colon’s job that she enjoys the most. As a veterinary technician, her responsibilities include drawing blood, monitoring surgeries, and administering treatment for our sick hospital patients. Jessy has been working in the animal related field for six years and joined Westfield Animal Hospital in April 2013.

In her spare time, Jessy enjoys reading and caring for her three dogs, Noah, Allie and Taco Bell (a chihuahua, of course!) and her cat, Shylo.

Melissa Saba – Veterinary Technician

Melissa Saba may be a full-time student majoring in sociology at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, NJ, but she loves to take time out of her busy week to help care for the pets that come into our clinic. As one of our veterinary technicians, her responsibilities are many, including making sure our pets are fed, cleaned, medicated, walked and “given a little TLC,” as she said. “I help around the hospital in any way I can.”

Melissa has been with Westerfield Animal Hospital since September 2012. She started as a veterinary assistant, and in 2013, she earned her degree from Saint Peter’s University and is now a licensed veterinary technician.

Melissa has two pet dogs, Princess and Marley. Whenever she has any free time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her friends and family, her puppies, as well as cheerleading, gymnastics, 4-wheeling, jet-skiing and spending time down at the Jersey Shore.

Helene Sheh – Veterinary Technician

Helene Sheh joined the team at Westfield Animal Hospital in August 2016. She previously volunteered at animal shelters, and got her start in the animal-care field as a kennel assistant and doctor’s assistant. As a veterinary technician, Helene is responsible for taking care of boarding patients, educating clients, and assisting and monitoring patients under sedation. Her favorite part of the job is getting the chance to help rescue pets get better so that they can be adopted to a forever home. Helene is upbeat and optimistic, and she loves trying to make each experience at the hospital the very best for our clients and their companions.

At home, Helene has four rescued cats named Tito, Lola, Marvin and Munchkin. She also fosters cats so that they can find forever homes. Helene enjoys hiking, hammocking, going to the beach, coloring and spending time with her friends.

Krystal Morot – Veterinary Technician

Krystal Morot has been a veterinary technician at Westfield Animal Hospital since June 2017. Her daily responsibilities include treating animals, cleaning, and assisting anyone who needs help. Krystal is a fast learner and she enjoys treating each patient she sees.

Outside of the hospital, Krystal attends Union County College. At home, she has three dogs, two snakes, two bearded dragons, two cats, a parrot, a turtle and several fish. In her free time, Krystal enjoys hiking, traveling, eating, yard work, learning new things, painting, the beach, zoos and farms.

Natlie Mateo – Veterinary Technician

Natalie joined the staff of Westfield Animal Hospital in December 2017. Natalie has worked in the animal health related field for 6 years. Her main responsibilities at our hospital are to help with pre and post operative care, assist during surgery, and help handle exotics during their exams. Natalie says what she likes most about working at our hospital is the opportunity to care for exotics and providing in hospital care to patients that require overnight stays.

Natalie is bilingual in Spanish and English and she is currently working on obtaining her dog training certificate. In her spare time, Natalie likes to hike, read books, and spend time with her two children and her Pitbull.

Patricia Pego – Veterinary Technician

Patricia joined the staff of Westfield Animal in December 2017. Her primary responsibilities at the hospital are to manage pre and post operative care, assist doctors in surgeries and take x-rays. Patricia is originally from Brazil and has 7 years experience in the animal health related field. She is bilingual in Portuguese and English. Patricia says her veterinary experiences and knowledge from another country is what makes her a unique employee. At home, Patricia lives with her 3 cats, Ivy, Six and Key. When she is not working at the hospital, Patricia enjoys going to the gym, reading, vegan baking and watching movies.

Megan Walch – Veterinary Technician

Caroline Pawlowski – Veterinary Assistant

Caroline Pawlowski joined the staff at Westfield Animal Hospital in March 2016. As a veterinary assistant, her responsibilities include taking care of boarding pets, stocking treatment rooms and other wards, and assisting with animals during examinations. Her favorite part of the job is working with technicians and veterinarians to carry out treatment plans.

In her free time, Caroline enjoys reading, biking, hiking and going on road trips with her friends. She’s currently studying pre-veterinary animal sciences at Rutgers University and plans on graduating in May 2018.

Caroline Ehrhardt – Veterinary Assistant

Caroline joined Westfield Animal Hospital full-time in May 2016. She administers vaccines and medications and provides hourly check-ups to boarders as part of her responsibilities as a veterinary technician assistant at the hospital. She graduated from Gettysburg College in May and brings her desire to learn and calming demeanor to the rest of the staff.

Before joining the hospital, she was an education naturalist at the Bergen County Zoo in 2015, and is a member of The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and a volunteer with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Caroline has two Persian cats at home and one Himalayan cat. While not at work, she enjoys hiking, outdoor sports, traveling, scuba diving, being with friends, playing with her pets, gardening and wine tasting.

Belinda Bagwandeen – Veterinary Assistant

Cleaning our office, taking care of boarding animals, and administering medications are all daily responsibilities that Belinda has been placed with since joining our team full-time in September of 2016. The part of her job that Belinda enjoys best is getting to know each patient individually while working with them, and finding the best course of treatment tailored to their specific needs. Every day Belinda exudes a hard work ethic, and she is always eager to learn new things.

Belinda is currently attending Rutgers University and is majoring in Biological Sciences. She plans to graduate in May of 2018, and obtain more experience in the animal related field. In her free time, Belinda enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and spending time with her friends.

Emily Broughton – Veterinary Assistant

Emily has been a veterinary technician assistant at Westfield Animal Hospital since August 2016. She’s currently a student at Westfield High School, and considers herself to be very compassionate and caring for all animals. As a veterinary technician assistant, her responsibilities include cleaning, walking dogs, feeding animals, and helping and observing the treatment area. Emily says her favorite part of the job is getting to observe and learn about all aspects of the animal-care field, as well as seeing the hospital’s medical boarding patients become healthy.

At home, Emily has three black and white tuxedo cats named Roscoe, Ario and Oreo. Outside of work and school, she enjoys bike riding, babysitting, watching TV with her cats and spending time with her friends.