Prevention is the Key to Your Pet’s Long and Happy Life

Westfield Animal Hospital’s mission is to provide quality, progressive and personalized pet wellness care that meets all the needs of our clients and their pets. We offer a wide range of medical services for dogs and cats as well as quality care for birds and other exotic species.

The basis of our model of care is prevention. As medical professionals, we understand that the most effective means of providing your pet a long and happy life, while minimizing the lifetime cost of care, is through preventive medicine. This is why we highly recommend regular wellness exams, appropriate vaccines, microchip lost pet identification, dental care, and proper nutrition.

Preventive medicine also includes being excellent communicators. The staff at Westfield Animal Hospital believes that educating our clients and being as open as possible to your questions and concerns are vital aspects of ensuring a lifetime of good health for your pet. Our medical knowledge is of little value if we don’t share it with you in order to provide the best homecare possible for your pet.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we realize our pets may experience illness or injury. The skill, experience and extensive education of the doctors and staff at Westfield Animal Hospital enables us to effectively manage complex medical, dental and surgical challenges. Additionally, our relationships with veterinary specialists ensure that your pet will receive the prompt and appropriate care of a specialist when necessary.

In all that we do, Westfield Animal Hospital works each day to provide you and your pet with the highest level of service within a safe, clean and welcoming facility.

Please take a look at the services we offer and why we believe they are important to the proper care of your pet. If you would like to set up an appointment or have any questions please call us at 908-233-6030.